UB-Ground Mounting Solutions
UB-Ground Mounting Solutions

UB-Ground Mounting System can be applied to all scales of Ground Solar Installations, including small residential systems,

large-scaled commercial systems and Plant level PV systems. Elaborately designed components enable UB-Ground Mounting

System with great compatibility and convenience, to largely save installation time and labor cost, as well as to reduce the initial

investment cost. And its materials, including hot-dip galvanized steel and anodized aluminum alloy, all have high anti-corrosive

for using outdoor.


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Technical Information


 Installation Sites:  Open Ground/Field
 Foundation Solutions:  Concrete Foundation
 Installation Angles:  5°-60°
 Wind Load:  60m/s
 Snow Load:  1.4KN/
 Module Orientation:  Landscape/Portrait
 Design Standards:  JIS C 8955:2011, AS/NZS 1170, DIN 1055, IBC 2009
 System Main Material:  Hot-dip Galvanized Q235
 Components Material:  High Class Anodized Aluminum 6005-T5
 Fasteners Material:  Stainless Steel SUS 304
 Warranty:  10 years warranty, 20-25 years service life. 



Broad installation flexibility.
UB-Ground Mounting System can accommodate most commercially available framed solar panels in various open fields,

and can be scaled easily from small to large and multi-megawatt installations.
Easy to install. 
Smart designs and high preassembly of parts on factory without weld or cut onsite needed enables the installations much easier and more convenient. Tilt-in channel nuts can be highly pre-assembled with Inner/End clamps and can be put into

extruded rail from any spots to make installation easy and minimize installation time and cost.
Endure extreme weather.  
It is designed to stand up the extreme weather complied with main international structure load standards by the skilled

engineers. The main support components have been tested to guarantee its structure and load-carrying capacity. 
Assure unmatched durability. 
With all components comprised of hot galvanized Q235 steel, high-class stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy,

the structure is designed for twenty-five years long lifespan and backed by ten years warranty.

Strength Testing Report

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Components/Specifications List

UB Front LegUB Rear Leg UB Square Draw PipeUB Cross Round Pipe
UB Standard RailUB U-Bolt Set UB Angle Aluminum U-Bolt SetUB End Clamp Kit
UB Inner Clamp KitUB Rear Diagonal Tension Brace M12X90Bolt SetM14X40 Bolt Set
Ground Screw

Installation Guide

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